My Top 5 Favourite Drugstore Concealers



Again, I feel another apology is needed as I haven’t posted in so long! But I’m back and this week’s Blog Post is based on ‘My Top 5 Favourite Drugstore Concealers’. With all these late nights staying up doing school work, watching YouTube video’s and stalking people’s social media.. I would say it’s pretty important for me to find a concealer that actually works well! I’m yet to try out high end concealers, however I have found a great range of cheap concealers that are easy to pick up at the local drugstore!

1. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Collection’s well known Lasting Perfection Concealer has to be my top favourite! I own this concealer in the shade ‘Fair 1’ and it is amazing to use under my eyes to cover up any dark circles I have. This product is definitely full coverage, however it doesn’t feel thick and heavy under your eyes. I have fair skin and sometimes I find with certain concealers, even the lightest shade does not allow me to create that brightening effect. However this concealer is light enough for me to get a full coverage look alongside brightening up the area’s I want. This product is one I will 100% purchase over and over again!

2. Miss Sporty Perfect Stay Liquid Concealer

I do not own many products from Miss Sporty, however I can’t go wrong with their Perfect Stay Liquid Concealer! I have this product in the shade ‘Light’ and even though the product is not as brightening as the Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer, it still works wonders under my eyes when it comes to covering up my dark circles. I usually use this product on blemishes over my face such as redness or spots and I feel so much more confident with my face after using this concealer. This concealer covers up any blemishes and I feel that when I use it, my skin looks flawless and the rest of my make-up then looks better!

3. Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer

I first purchased this Phwoarr Paint Concealer from Seventeen when I was starting out with make-up and I remember being amazed at the coverage it gave under my eyes! Clearly I didn’t understand the idea of brightening up my under eye’s as I purchased this concealer in the shade ‘Medium’ and haven’t got round to buying one in the lighter shade. Never the less, it is still an amazing concealer to wear when I have fake tanned or am wearing a foundation of a darker shade.

4. Maybeline Fit Me Concealer

The packaging of Maybeline’s Fit Me Concealer reminded me a lot of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and so I was excited to try out the actual product! When I purchased this concealer, it was when Maybeline had just brought out their Fit Me range and everyone was talking about their products and reviewing them online. This concealer has an amazing coverage for not only under my eye’s, but also for any blemishes I may have on my face. When I went into the drugstore to pick up this concealer, I purchased it in the shade ’10 Light’ which was the lightest shade there, however after trying it a couple of times, I realised it was still a bit too dark for my shade of skin. This concealer is still amazing for when I have got a bit of tan on and I just hope they bring out even lighter shades in the future.

5. Maybeline Age Rewind Concealer

I remember being so jealous of my sister when I saw her opening Maybeline’s ‘Age Rewind Concealer’ on her birthday and I knew I had to purchase one for myself! I love the whole concept of the sponge being the applicator as it feels so soft under your eyes and doesn’t feel as though it’s damaging or tugging at your skin! This concealer is another really high coverage product that takes care of my dark circles after a late night! I purchased this concealer for myself in the shade ‘Light’ – the lightest one they do and unfortunately it isn’t bright enough to lighten up my under eyes. However it still works well to cover up my dark circles.

A Frizzy Hair Life Saver!

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I am truly sorry that i haven’t posted anything in a while, it appears A-Levels take over your life more than i expected during exam period! Never the less, this weeks blog post is about my life saver for frizzy hair!

I’ve always had super frizzy and curly hair and a few years ago, one of my family friends brought me a Frizz Ease leave in spray. At that moment in time, i wasn’t really too into beauty, skincare and hair-care and so i wasn’t too bothered as to what it did to my hair, however it probably made a massive difference at the time.

I recently purchased the shampoo and conditioner from the John Frieda Frizz Ease collection after remembering the gift i had been given years before and i can’t explain how happy i am with the results!

To start off with the smell is so so gorgeous! Even after blow drying my hair, i can still smell the scent lingering as i move my head around! I think there’s nothing worse than using hair products that either have smell horrible or a scent that doesn’t last, so that is definitely a plus for me!

I don’t have any before and after pictures and i’d be lying to you if i said i didn’t have to straighten my hair to be completely happy with it. I think it’s impossible for a company to make hair products used on wet hair that would make my hair completely straight, if there is, hand it over! Although, i have definitely noticed a change in the ease of straightening my hair after using these products! I feel that not only is there less frizz and curls to straighten, but my hair just seems to straighten a lot quicker and hold in that position. There’s no going over the same piece of hair 4 times, just one quick glide and it’s straight.

I have tried quite a few products for frizzy hair and this is the only products that i can hand on heart say has helped! I definitely recommend it to anyone with frizzy or curly hair!

I hope you have a lovely day,


My Holy Grail Foundation.

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This weeks blog post is about my holy grail drugstore foundation; L’Oreal True Match!

I have been trying out drug store foundations since i first became interested in makeup. At first when i tried this foundation, i didn’t realize why everyone raved about it so much and said it was their holy grail foundation, but since using it more and more and applying it differently, i have realized why and came to love it myself.

I apply my L’Oreal True Match with a beauty blender which i find just gives an amazing finish and leaves it blotch-free. I would say this foundation is a medium to high coverage and definitely stays on throughout the day, perfect for when i’m juggling sixth form and day to day life. It is also extremely build-able and definitely blend-able!

The formula of this foundation has recently changed and i love it even more than the product before! They have also brought out many new shades which I’ve found makes it perfect for me to find the correct shade anytime of the year!

I honestly can’t talk positively about this product enough! It’s so perfect and amazing for any type of skin. I haven’t broken out at all with this foundation and I’ve been using it for around 2 years. I haven’t felt the need to try out any other foundations since purchasing this, so that must be saying something!

I hope you have a lovely day,


Makeup Revolution – Naked Chocolate Palette

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Another positive review in today’s blog post.  This product sells out so fast and I’ve been wanting it for so long, so when i walked into my local drug store and saw they had two left, i had to pick one up!

The Naked Chocolate Palette by Makeup Revolution is definitely on the cheaper side of drugstore eye shadow pallets as it is only £7.99, so really how could i say no!? As you can hopefully see from the picture i have taken, the colours are so gorgeous and pigmented and there is a wide range of matte and shimmer shades making it amazing for different eye looks. I don’t have any regrets in buying this product and can’t wait to purchase more from the range!

Since buying this product, i use it nearly everyday, using it to do pinky eye looks or a dark brown smokey look, i honestly can’t get enough of it! The product is so easy to blend so this is a great recommendation for beginners of makeup or for people wanting to start exploring with eye shadow looks.

I hope you have a lovey day,


A positive first impression!

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Hi everyone! My name is Amber Lilly and if you didn’t know already, i love beauty!

Right now, i’m loving this Ciate nail varnish in the shade Hoopla. Firstly, the packaging is just gorgeous, i love the classy black bow and the long handle. This nail varnish has a wide brush, which i find makes it easier to paint my nails! This color is a gorgeous baby pink and you can easily build it up to make a brighter pink!

I’m also loving this BenefitTan About Town mini’s set containing the Porefessional primer, the well known Hoola bronzer and the Bad gal lash mascara. For the price of £9.95 i think the size of the products are amazing, especially if you are trying them for the first time and don’t want to pay out for the full price! It is also amazing as a gift idea as it provides a primer, bronzer and mascara. The primer is so soft to the skin and really hides the appearance of pores. The Hoola bronzer is a very popular product and i can definitely tell why! It’s so easy to blend and just a gorgeous warm toned bronzer amazing for contouring! The mascara really lengthens your lashes and allows you to build up the colour without them going clumpy.

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Amber Lilly X

First blog post

Hi Everyone,

My name is Amber Lilly and i thought i would take the time to sit down and write an opening blog post.

I am sixteen years old and am currently studying three A-Level subjects in sixth form; Children and Double Heath and Social Care. I have a strong interest and love for makeup and beauty and so i thought i would create a blog to share my thoughts.

In this blog, i will be writing about first impressions of products along with things such as new purchases, products i recommend and perhaps just some random posts about my day to day life. I wish to create many friendships through my blog and i hope many of you can support me through my posts.

Thank you so much,

Amber Lilly X