A Frizzy Hair Life Saver!

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I am truly sorry that i haven’t posted anything in a while, it appears A-Levels take over your life more than i expected during exam period! Never the less, this weeks blog post is about my life saver for frizzy hair!

I’ve always had super frizzy and curly hair and a few years ago, one of my family friends brought me a Frizz Ease leave in spray. At that moment in time, i wasn’t really too into beauty, skincare and hair-care and so i wasn’t too bothered as to what it did to my hair, however it probably made a massive difference at the time.

I recently purchased the shampoo and conditioner from the John Frieda Frizz Ease collection after remembering the gift i had been given years before and i can’t explain how happy i am with the results!

To start off with the smell is so so gorgeous! Even after blow drying my hair, i can still smell the scent lingering as i move my head around! I think there’s nothing worse than using hair products that either have smell horrible or a scent that doesn’t last, so that is definitely a plus for me!

I don’t have any before and after pictures and i’d be lying to you if i said i didn’t have to straighten my hair to be completely happy with it. I think it’s impossible for a company to make hair products used on wet hair that would make my hair completely straight, if there is, hand it over! Although, i have definitely noticed a change in the ease of straightening my hair after using these products! I feel that not only is there less frizz and curls to straighten, but my hair just seems to straighten a lot quicker and hold in that position. There’s no going over the same piece of hair 4 times, just one quick glide and it’s straight.

I have tried quite a few products for frizzy hair and this is the only products that i can hand on heart say has helped! I definitely recommend it to anyone with frizzy or curly hair!

I hope you have a lovely day,



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